Steel drum manufactering line of 60/70 Liter drums

This used drum making line includes an automatized Schuler 100 tons press and tooling for the ends. The drums are made in black plate thickness 0,5 mm for dangerous goods. It is possible to produce just cylindrical drums of 40 and 110 liter as well. During production three operators are needed, one for the welder, one for seaming and one at the back-end of the line. Regarding the Schuler press this is atomized with a hydraulic lifting table in front to put the sheet on a pneumatic feeding system which picks up one sheet and gives it through a roller lubrification system to the sheet pusher, which conveys the sheet step by step under the stamping tool. Each stamped end is pushed out to backside mounted conveyors and a stacking unit, the sheet waste is pushed away by a roller system. Hence the press is able to work without permanent operator.

Technical specifications:

CazProductNumber : 4294
Name : Steel drum manufactering line of 60/70 Liter drums
Tooling : Ø 355 H 611 mm
Speed upto : 240 drums per hour
Status : Sold