Individual machines

Sold - Karges Hammer SPzz 1000 scroll shear
Sold - Carnaud curing oven
Sold - Blema PKXStr 1000.2 scroll shear
Quality used shear with on first operation trimming unit. This shear can be used for twist-off, shells and other ends as wel.
Sold - Mailander 730 sheet feeder
Sold - Mailander 770 sheet feeder
Quality used tinplate feeding unit for printing or coating machine.
Sold - SACMI PM 1200 compound liner
Quality used lining machine for cold molding of plastic gaskets in crown corks with. Behind the liner is an automatic counter.
Sold - Ocsam WF 80 single slitter
Quality used single roller slitting machine. Diameter of the shaft is 100 mm with 2 pair of cutters for trimming operation.
Sold - Karges Hammer SD 1150 duplex slitter
Quality used double slitting machine with on first operation a set of 5 pair carbide cuttters and on second operation 12 pair.
Sold - Karges Hammer BodyFormer BF 1 spin flanger - seamer - beader
Quality used combination machine for spin-flanging, seaming and beading operation.
Sold - Bonfiglioli KBA 07216 tester
This quality used rotative leak testing machine is for in-line empty aerosol cans Ø 52 necked-in. It performs the process in continuous operation by means of 16 testing chambers which are installed on to a rotating central carousel and are combining vacuum in the region outside the containers as well as pressure inside them.
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