Individual machines

Sold - Crabtree sheet feeder
Sold - Frei PDE powder unit
Quality used Frei PDE powder drum evacuator with automatic evacuation of commercially available powder drums. Frei AG side seam coating systems protect welded food cans, aerosol cans and general line cans against corrosion. more info
Sold - Karges Hammer SPzz 1000 scroll shear
Sold - Schuler PN25/200 forming press
Quality used press with adjustable stroke between 8-80 mm. Control cabinet is renewed. more info
Sold - Carnaud curing oven
Sold - LTG 71 bundle turner
Quality used pallet turning machine synonymous with Pile Turner. Hydraulic system with maximum turning load of 3500 Kg. Turning cycles of approx. 30 seconds: 1. Closing of the support plates 2. Lifting of the sheet pile 3. Turning 4. Lowering 5. Opening of the support plates. more info
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